Our intention is that users of this website cheer and enrich a number of paintings from the Serbian history that - sometimes much more precisely and accurately than words - show who we are and what we have, where it comes from, how we evolved and what we sought in the different epochs of our existence . At the same time, in addition evociranja memories of times gone, the image in this election will recall the long forgotten or little known historical events, but perhaps even more unjustly neglected figures from culture and science, from our church and state, from the army, from the habits and customs of the Serbs who have changed and evolved as authentic or under the influence of neighboring peoples with whom we come in contact. And because of destroyed cultural monuments and other artifacts, these images are sometimes the only source for understanding the past.

This site is intended for all scholars, and our foreign, history of the Serbs: professional historians, historians of culture, art, graphic art, ethnography, heraldry, cartography and other auxiliary historical sciences; consequently site was extremely useful tool for biblotekare, Archivists, museum curators, collectors ; further, this edition can be used as a source of knowledge and play for television, print and electronic media, publishers and graphic designers get it authentic picture of the cover and illustrated books, costume designers in theater, film and television gain valuable source of information for their work, the general cultural audience the opportunity to know and ahead of many events, phenomena and personalities that do not know, children can be easy and accessible way for our interest past ...

Prior Photos (1839th year), which is the most faithful way possible reality show, but after its invention, travelers, scientists, researchers, biologists, cartographers and other scholars have conducted with him on his travels and draftsman, painter and watercolorist, and these are often astonishing precision, noted events, artifacts, flora and fauna, ethnographic characteristics, etc.. Especially interesting to the broadest domestic and foreign public were wars and all events related to them, which is seen by many art depicting military, battles, military facilities and hospitals and the like. Thus were created images of exceptional documentary value, and - very often, and nothing less - high artistic transposition. In the most numerous, documentary images, here are the pictures izmaštane - ponajpre characters from earlier periods, for example. Prince Marko and Milos Obilic - that artists did not have a template already made exclusively from the artist's imagination.

Although the materials for this issue systematically collected over a quarter century, it seems only a small part of the overall bulk of such existing materials in our ilustrovanoj and foreign periodicals, calendars, rare books, old engravings, old maps, posters, postcards and other printed and manuscript library , archive or museum material.

Most of the material comes from collections of special (special) funds and funds periodicals National Library of Serbia, University bilioteke "Svetozar Markovic", as well as other of our major libraries, archives and museums, but a significant part played by funds from the institutions and culture of Europe and America; some of the materials is presnimljen private collections and from foreign antique. We're sorry for every single picture we clearly stated its source, and as we explore the Authors - Authors and publishers are quoted only in cases when the data were completely uncontested - but it simply was not possible for practical reasons: for such a venture would need at least oveći team of trained researchers, on the one hand, and other material resources that would greatly outnumbered those who had the collector of these contributions.

Selected images made here primarily are rare and are hardly accessible not only to the general public kultivisanoj but many experts. Therefore, the criterion of rarity was one of the key in their elections.
In good measure was crucial and quality: a series of images that are extremely valuable, but which, even with today's technology, almost impossible to prepare for high-quality printing. From these, and some others, nenavedenih reasons, should say that this anthology is a selection of images, but it is mostly comprehensive by motives, the time of, the kinds of sources, according to the authors, etc.. For example, some authors are our greatest painters (Paja Jovanovic, Uroš Predić, Stevan Todorovic), artists and illustrators (Vladislav Titelbah), lithographer and photographer (Anastas Jovanovic, Milan Jovanovic), but most of the picture is anonymous or little known authors. Our art historians remains to explore. (Mostly in foreign sources, authors are often poorly marked readable nečitljivijim more initials or signatures)
Serbs, over the centuries, were dispersed and the mass lived and inhabited the entire South Slavic area, and many images come from, or showing parts of Croatia (Dalmatia, Slavonia, Krajina, etc.), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and especially from Montenegro, from the time when the Serbs and Montenegrins feel as one people. So bring that image and we want to believe that because no one will feel affected.

Original images are created techniques of woodcut, engraving and Etching, lithography, news xylography, čelikoreza, photos and news photos, etc.. With the computer screen it is good to see, but, due to low resolution, can not be printed. Images that were originally were poor quality - either because of bad press or bad paper or some other reasons - here are somewhat improved and cleaned in the appropriate computer programs. (Of course, the users have the ability to continue to improve and clean)

Will this issue be repeated and extended, will depend on the response of the audience. If the need arises for the team, it is possible to enrich the existing release new images or issue the next CD as well as the other. Therefore, we invite users to actively participate by sending us pictures or we will point to new sources, and any suggestions we will consider valuable.